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Red Crayon’s Releases Top 10 Functions of an Advertising Agency

Melbourne, Australia – Feb. 11, 2016 – Red Crayon is a Melbourne advertising agency offering creative and innovative solutions for acquiring new customers, increasing sales, building brands and managing reputations. The firm conducts extensive research and works closely with clients to determine their strengths, weaknesses and the type of marketing campaign that will best achieve their goals. Melbourne Creative Advertising Agency

Advertising agencies perform a wide variety of functions for their clients, from conducting research on the competition and website design to staging elaborate branding events. The type of marketing campaign and associated services that will be needed depends on many factors ranging from existing brand recognition to the overall purpose of the campaign.

Many business owners are confused about what they can expect from an advertising agency. To help clarify, Red Crayon has released the following as the Top 10 functions an ad agency performs for clients.

  1. Acquiring new clients
  2. Building brand recognition
  3. Managing reputations
  4. Conducting research
  5. Public relations
  6. Creating, planning and implementing the campaign
  7. Graphic design, press releases, outdoor and online advertising
  8. Website design
  9. Placement and timing of ads
  10. Analytics and result tracking

Red Crayon utilizes advanced technology and innovative solutions to create marketing campaigns that will achieve the goals of the client. The agency specialises in campaigns that make an emotional connection with consumers to boost sales and develop brand loyalty. Strategies can be created for the general population or specific target markets for local or worldwide distribution.

The agency works with digital media, email marketing, outdoor advertising, and traditional methods encompassing TV, radio and print media. Red Crayon provides website development, 3D architectural renderings, animations and graphic design services. Short- and long-term campaigns can be created to disseminate client messages across multiple platforms.

The agency’s experts collaborate and partner with clients to develop the most appropriate and effective advertising campaigns. Advertising is a specialised field and even the largest companies in the world employ outside advertising agencies. Business owners that attempt to conduct marketing campaigns on their own often find themselves losing commerce due to the time requirements needed.

Red Crayon takes the guess work out of advertising campaigns, providing clients with access to cutting edge technology and a creative team that allows clients to invest their time in their business. The advertising agency provides the heavy lifting of acquiring customers, brand recognition and reputation management, allowing clients to focus on the operation of their commercial endeavors.


About Red Crayon

Red Crayon is a premiere marketing and advertising agency providing strategic marketing plans, advertising, design and digital design across multiple print, broadcast and online venues. The agency creates beautiful brands, author targeted marketing strategies and distributes brilliant content that amplifies and enhances the client’s message.

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